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Take Our COVID-19 Response Survey | Friday Policy Update and Q&A

In this Must Know… Take our COVID-19 Response Survey. Join us TOMORROW for Friday Policy Update at 10:00am and Q&A at 10:30am PDT. Join “How Farm Businesses are Pivoting during COVID-19: Resources for Advisors Assisting Small Farms” on May 7, 2020 at 3:00pm PDT. This week’s Goodie highlight is CAMEO’s webinar on supporting microenterprises during the pandemic, hosted by CALED. COVID-19 Survey It’s been

Analyzing Profit & Loss Statements

During the COVID pandemic, you may not think analyzing Profit and Loss statements is at the top of the list. Yet this intuitive financial statement can help you and your clients find the way back to operating profitably in an upside-down world. Some tough choices need to be made and a P&L can help a

Mark Saavedra, Airport Barbershop

Mark Saavedra came to the small business world via happenstance. He was working at a market and learning to cut hair when his teacher suggested he take over the Truckstop Barbershop. He was unsure, but when friends and family who knew his talent and skills urged him on, his vision for himself changed. Instead of renting a hair station, he went straight to renting an established barber business.

State & Federal Access to Capital Options for Your Clients

A $484 billion relief package was passed that includes $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program – $30 billion of which will go to CDFIs, Credit Unions, and community banks with assets of less than $10 billion, plus $60 billion for SBA Economic Injury and Disaster loans and grants. CAMEO supported money for the CDFIs

Listening Session: COVID-Related Employment Issues

We know that each of you are responding to the pandemic and implementing programs and procedures to help your clients and serve the small business community. We are holding a weekly listening session about what you are doing in response. For this week’s session, we talk about employment issues including new guidance on unemployment for

Federal Update on PPP & EIDL | Employment Q’s Listening Session Today

In this Must Know… Federal update and virtual meeting TOMORROW at 1:00pm PDT. Join us TODAY at 1:00pm PDT for “COVID-Related Employment Issues.” Join us on April 28, 2020 at 1:00pm PDT for “Analyzing Profit & Loss Statements.” This week’s Goodie highlight is Small Business Majority’s California poll on small businesses affected by COVID-19. Federal Update Today, the House will vote (watch live)

Good Jobs Today | PPP Update Tomorrow | More Next Week

In this Must Know… Join our Third Thursday Webinar, “Small Businesses Creating Good Jobs,” TODAY at 12:00pm. Join our listening session TOMORROW at 12:00pm to discuss several PPP updates. Next week: Earth Day, Access to Capital Choices, Employment Issues This week’s Goodie highlight is Facebook’s webinar about their Small Business Grant program on April 20, 2020 for TA providers. Good Jobs Webinar Today While small businesses

PPP and EIDL Updates

New information seems to come out daily. We’ll review the current scenario of the federal funding circumstances and what you can do to push for more funding. Then we’ll review new guidance issued on the PPP for the self-employed and how sole proprietors can calculate their PPP amount and access funding.

Small Businesses Creating Good Jobs

While small businesses need to prioritize immediate business realities to keep their businesses afloat, small business owners can still think about worker well-being in the context of quality jobs in their recovery. Find out how your clients can implement a good jobs strategy, and engage with CAMEO member Pacific Community Venture’s “Good Jobs, Good Business”

Sandra Ann Harris, ECOlunchbox

ECOlunchbox had a well-established multi-tiered distribution network but the demand for its green consumer products was stronger than the small company could support due to undercapitalization. ECOlunchbox was frequently going out of stock on all its products due to high demand and lack of resources to adequately buy stock. Additionally, the bootstrapped company was seriously understaffed.