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Information about CAMEO, the micro-enterprise industry in California, and stories about microbusiness owners

Media Inquiries

Haley Kubik
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Media Highlights

In 2023, CAMEO received 318 media hits that reached an audience of approximately 4M, highlighting the organization’s expertise and work supporting California’s small businesses. CAMEO was at the forefront of conversations around topics like predatory lending, resources for minority-owned small businesses, and opportunities for home cooks. CAMEO was featured in regional and national outlets such as CBS News Bay Area, KCRA Sacramento, Associated Press, Reuters, and CNBC.

Brand Kit


All versions and formats of the CAMEO logo can be found here.

There are two main versions of the CAMEO logo: vertical (with the mark on top and name at the bottom) and horizontal (with the mark on the left and the name on the right). Both can be used interchangeably to fit the design of your document or post.

Color Variations

The CAMEO logo and mark also have all-white and all-black versions. These versions are only to be used in the following scenarios:

  • When the background of your document or post uses one of the colors in the logo (or a close approximation).
  • When the background of your document or post is a photo and the full-color logo is not clearly visible/legible.
Full Logo Vs. Mark

In most cases, you will use the full CAMEO logo in your documents or posts. You can use the mark, however, in the following circumstances:

  • When the CAMEO name appears front and center on the document or post, and adding a second “CAMEO” would make it look redundant.
  • When the logo is used alongside other organizations’ logos that use their marks only.
  • When the space where the logo will be placed is better suited for a simple, round shape (ie. a social media profile picture).

Other Resources

Data and statistics about the micro business sector in California, its importance for the state’s economic stability, and the role that business assistance organizations play in maintaining a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Stories of small business owners and entrepreneurs from all around California who have thrived thanks to the work of CAMEO member organizations.