As California’s statewide Micro Enterprise network, CAMEO is the voice for micro business and creates a thriving ecosystem of resources for all entrepreneurs.

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CAMEO is California’s statewide micro-business network made up of over 400 organizations, agencies, and individuals dedicated to furthering Micro-Business development in California with small and micro-business financing such as loans and credit, technical assistance and business management training. We build capacity and expand resources for our members. We also educate the public on the economic impacts of micro-business through public awareness and advocacy at the local, state and federal level to support the growth of micro-business, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Support start-up microbusiness, build wealth, and create strong California communities.

MISSION STATEMENTTo grow a thriving ecosystem of support for underserved entrepreneurs.
VISION STATEMENTAll entrepreneurs have access to the resources they need to succeed, creating family economic mobility and community prosperity.
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Annually, CAMEO members serve about 200,000 very small businesses with training, business and credit assistance and loans. These firms – largely start-ups with less than five employees – support or create more than 300,000 new jobs in California and generate a total of $15 billion in economic activity.


  • Federal taxes paid increased 35% over a five-year period.
  • Local small businesses have a multiplier effect on their local economies that is twice that of big national chains.

Source: Annual Member Survey