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Annual Reports

2020 was a unique, difficult year – for small businesses and entrepreneurs, for our member organizations, and for us and our staff.

With every obstacle, comes opportunity.

We redrew the goals we started with and retooled our strategies to better serve our members. And our core mission remained and will remain intact.

Check out our 2020 Year in Review for a snapshot of CAMEO’s work and achievements in the past year.

Previous Annual Reports

2023 Financial Statements

Corporate Grants$774,000
Foundation Grants$298,000
In-Kind Contributions$117,696
Government Grants$425,637
Revenue from Programs$216,413
Fee for Service$41, 086
Total Revenue$1,872,832
Salaries & Related Expenses$806,549
Professional & Contractual Services$541,281
Rent & Occupancy$30,164
Grants & Awards$275,000
Other Expenses$121,405
Total Expenses$1,774,400
Change in Net Assets$98,432