Micro-business Events in California

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CAMEO in Action

February 12, 2021 CDFI Essentials 2021

CAMEO created CDFI Essentials to help our members fully develop and professionalize their lending programs.

CAMEO Member Event

March 9, 2021 Hours of Power: Life & Leadership Sessions

JEDI created a monthly, highly-caffeinated shot of fun in these powerfully innovative life and leadership sessions. Facilitated by Alexis Asbe, a high-level business mentor and motivational coach.

CAMEO in Action

March 22, 2021 Microlending Essentials: Spring 2021

Developed by Susan Brown, our VP of Capacity Building, Microlending Essentials is one of CAMEO’s most in-demand and valued training programs.

The five-part online class provides the fundamental skills for consistent, quality microloan underwriting.