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Local small businesses have a multiplier effect on their local economies that is twice that of big national chains. Support your community by supporting small business.

Your donation will make it possible for CAMEO members to:

  • Help the self-employed and entrepreneurs create their own jobs as well as jobs for others. 
  • Help Main Street businesses survive and thrive during difficult economic times.
  • Revitalize neighborhoods through business development.
  • Provide infrastructure that strengthens families.

If you would like to donate by check, please make it out to California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity and mail to:

1 Hallidie Plaza, Suite 715
San Francisco, CA 94102

Or donate through PayPal:


Would you like to support CAMEO?

CAMEO appreciates all offers of support, both financial and in-kind. Would you like to help support the CAMEO mission? Please contact us to further discuss your ideas.