Micro Census

You rely on CAMEO to advocate on behalf of the sector. We rely on you for your data.

You rely on CAMEO to advocate on behalf of the sector.  We rely on you for your data. This data fuels our advocacy and supports our members at the state and national level. The better data we have, the stronger our case is, and the easier it is to express the vital role MDOs play in the small business sector.

California Micro Census Results

Why Fill Out The Census?

  • Industry Standard Reporting
    Funders are increasingly looking to microTracker for information on the organizations they support.
  • Demonstrable Program Impact
    microTracker enables organizations to demonstrate the significant role Micro plays in local and statewide economies. Users have access to key metrics from programs across the country, and can easily compare their own metrics to their peers and role models. Because microTracker collects data on a year-to-year basis, organizations can easily gauge their progress toward key goals, or evaluate the impact of new funding or policies.
  • Program Development
    Raise your profile and manage valuable performance metrics from number of microloans disbursed to cost per client. Use this to sharpen and strengthen your program.
  • Strengthening Advocacy Efforts
    CAMEO uses the Microenterprise Census to advocate for state and federal policies that increase resources to the Micro field. Micro-businesses are a huge part of California’s economy, but they’re not always the most visible. microTracker allows us to easily and powerfully make the case for all our members.
  • FIELD Analysis and Support
    microTracker staff are on hand to help you interpret your data, and offer a variety of packages to help you dig deeper into the effects of your programs on your clients. They model best practices, and work closely with organizations to ensure high-quality data.

Staff Lunches

CAMEO members enjoying a well-earned staff lunch as a reward for completing the Census: 

Fresno CDFI-UmiSushi ABA Staff Lunch 2 Amir Restaurant (Opportunity Fund)

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