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Beware of Scams and Fraud When Applying to SBA Loans

A note from the SBA Office of Inspector General: Fraudsters have already begun targeting small business owners during these economically difficult times. Be on the lookout for grant fraud, loan fraud, and phishing. Report any suspected fraud to OIG’s Hotline at 800-767-0385 or online. Scam and Fraud Scheme Advisory List 1. SBA does not initiate contact on either 7a or disaster loans or grants.  If you

Jon and Gila Kurtz, Dog Is Good

Jon and Gila Kurtz launched their lifestyle brand for dog lovers, Dog is Good, in 2007. Gila, a professional dog trainer, saw an opportunity in the marketplace for fashionable clothing that expressed her love of dogs. Jon, a retired US Navy Captain was full of ideas for humorous, catchy phrases that playfully express the joy of being “with Dog”.