Webinar Madness!

In this Must Know… it’s Webinar Madness! Join “Tech Tools for TA” TODAY at 2:00pm PST. NALCAB webinar series – Cooking Up Success California Small Business Policy Webinar recording This week’s Goodie highlight is yet another webinar: Prosperity Now’s 2020 Scorecard Data on January 29, 2020. Today: Tech Tools for TA Join “Tech Tools for TA“ TODAY at 2:00pm

Tech Tools for Technical Assistance

In this special one-and-a-half-hour webinar, we show you two tech-y tools that CAMEO is making available to its members who do business assistance and want to reach more clients, more efficiently. First up are our friends at Samaschool, who have a new virtual class for gig workers. They explain how to participate (hint: it’s easy). Then GrowthWheel presents

Lindsey Ott, Mama Tong

Ever since she can remember, Lindsey Ott has loved babies and everything that has to do with the miracle of childbirth. In her 20s, she studied to become a midwife. Then, she found herself traveling in Hawaii and settled in an organic farm in Maui. There, she started learning about growing plants for sustenance and wellbeing, turning it into her newfound passion.

Webinar on Tech Tools for TA | MicroLenders Forum

In this Must Know… Join “Tech Tools for TA” on January 16, 2020 at 2:00pm PST. Join us at the MicroLenders Forum on March 11, 2020 in San Francisco. Start Us Up Coalition This week’s Goodie highlights are two new funding opportunities from Lever For Change and USDA. Webinar: Tech Tools for TA Join us for our Third Thursday Webinar, “Tech

Happy 2020! Join Us!

In this Must Know… Happy New Year! Join us in January Welcome Melissa Cruz in Los Angeles Big Wins on FY2020 Federal Budget Happy 2020! Join Us! What CAMEO has in store for you in January and early February: Third Thursday Webinar: Tech Tools for TA on January 16, 2020 at 2:00pm PST. San Francisco Regional Member Meeting with SBA