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Survey on GoBiz’s Technical Assistance Expansion Program

GoBiz has allocated $17 million in new grant funding to business assistance centers serving traditionally underserved businesses, a group of organizations that includes 71 CAMEO members. We would love to hear about how you did with the process – both positive and negative.  Please fill out this survey on GoBiz‘s Technical Assistance Expansion Program by November 15, 2018. If you’d rather

Free Webinar Series: What the Healthcare Law Means for your Small Business

The current administration recently announced new rules that alter provisions of the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”). Now, many small businesses are wondering what this means for the future of their healthcare. Small Business Majority is hosting a series of free webinars where they’ll explain recent changes to the law and how the ACA impacts

Women Business Owners, 30 Years after HR 5050

Before 1988 – a mere 30 years ago – any woman looking for a business loan would have needed a male relative as their co-signer. They were required to meet a higher standard of personal net growth than men and were asked for bigger down payments despite being offered much smaller loans. This meant that

Take Action: Support Immigrant Entrepreneurs

From our colleagues at EBALDC in Oakland: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is proposing significant changes to longstanding immigration policy that substantially expands the meaning and application of the “public charge” provision. Currently, people considered likely to become a “public charge” can be denied admission to the U.S. or permanent residency status, or may

Manuel Guerrero, Hope Cafe and Creperie

Manuel Guerrero grew up surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs. He embraced this spirit and chose to pursue his entrepreneurial passion through his love of food. After attending culinary school in Mexico where he focused on international cuisine, Manuel furthered his learning by completing a barista training program in Seattle, Washington.

CalSavers: California’s Free Retirement Program

In July 2019, the state is launching a new retirement program that will enable employers to provide their employees with a payroll deduction Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at no cost to the employer or taxpayer. CalSavers will eliminate the three major concerns that small business owners cite as reasons for not offering a retirement plan: cost, liability, and complexity.

MicroTracker: Fill Out This Year’s Census and Review 2017 Census Results

CAMEO partners with FIELD at the Aspen Institute to conduct a census of California’s microbusiness programs using the microTracker platform. CAMEO members that fill out the Census by the end of October will receive $100 toward lunch for their staff. Accion San Diego took their entire staff to lunch. Email Andrew when you’ve completed your survey for your