Manuel Guerrero, Hope Cafe and Creperie

Thanks to Accion Southern California for sharing Manuel’s story!

Manuel Guerrero grew up surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs. He embraced this spirit and chose to pursue his entrepreneurial passion through his love of food. After attending culinary school in Mexico where he focused on international cuisine, Manuel furthered his learning by completing a barista training program in Seattle, Washington.

Hope Cafe and Creperie, which he opened in Calexico, California, melds all of his experiences and interests. Manuel opened the doors to his cafe in 2015 and has a menu that focuses on French crepes and specialty espresso drinks.

Manuel received funding from Accion during the summer of 2016 through the Samuel Adams’ Brewing the American Dream program. He used the funds to purchase additional equipment so Hope Cafe can keep up with the demands of its quickly growing clientele.

Hope Cafe has become a community gathering spot where customers can enjoy their delicious drinks and food and feel immersed in the artistic ambiance of the space. The cafe is in a repurposed house and each room is decorated with locally-themed art: Paris, Frida Kahlo, Hollywood, comic books, and hummingbirds.

Incorporating the work of local artists is only one way that Manuel supports entrepreneurs and the local economy. Hope Cafe also hosts ‘Bazaar Hope’ each month, giving the opportunity to more than 25 entrepreneurs to sell their products and reach new customers.

“Supporting other business owners has been hugely rewarding for me,” said Manuel. “My business has provided me with a powerful connection to other community members and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Accion.”