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We Need You to Testify Tomorrow AM at DBO Expansion Hearing

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” – Maya Angelou

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We Need You to Testify Tomorrow AM

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CAMEO has been working on responsible business lending policy with our colleagues at the RBLC and now is the time for you to step in to stop predatory lending to our small businesses.

Tomorrow at 8:30am PT, the Assembly Banking and Budget Committees will hold a joint hearing on the DBO Expansion. This would create a CFPB-like entity that would protect consumers and with some clarifying amendments would protect small businesses.

We need a good showing of small business champions so that any opposition (the companies who don’t want to play nice) is drowned out.
It’s easy to participate with our script and instructions to access the hearing.

CAMEO Members Help Save Thousands of Jobs

Released under the Freedom of Information Act, the federal loan data for the Paycheck Protection Program reported a total of $18 billion dollars spread across a variety of business types and industries for loan sizes less than $150,000 as of June 30. Of that funding, CAMEO members accounted for $178 million disbursed across 5,600 organizations, which translates to 24,500 jobs retained.

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PUA Legal Clinic Extended

CAMEO partnered with Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, Legal Aid At Work, and the Arthur and Charlotte Zitrin Foundation to set up a free legal clinic to help self-employed workers determine if they’re eligible for PUA and guide them through the application process.

The clinic is being extended at least until August 14, 2020. Please help us spread the word and refer your clients who may need this assistance. Access our toolkit for cut and paste emails and social media posts.

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Other Goodies

  • Member Kudos: The San Diego and Imperial SBDC helped businesses access over $96 million in disaster capital since March.
  • Jobs: Pacific Community Ventures, The Grow America Fund, and Renaissance announced new jobs recently. See who else is hiring!