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Take Action: Support AB 286

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AB 286, introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, is a bill that will provide price transparency to ensure both restaurant owners and customers have a full understanding of the service costs of food delivery companies.

The legislation will: 

  • Prohibit delivery companies from charging a higher price for food than the price set by the food facility;
  • Require delivery companies to provide a notice to customers of any applicable fees charged to restaurants and customers; and
  • Clarify that any tip or gratuity shall be paid in its entirety directly to the person delivering the order, or to the food facility for pick-up orders.

Join CAMEO in support of the bill, which is currently under review by the Senate. You can customize this sample letter and send it to the Legislature by early next week.

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Movement on Responsible Biz Lending in CA

Last week, DFPI released an updated rule for implementing SB 1235, the nation’s first truth-in-lending law for small business. CAMEO, as part of the California Responsible Business Lending Coalition, will submit a comment letter with three recommendations

The DFPI is also seeking comments on draft text defining unfair, deceptive, and abusive acts and practices in connection with the offering of commercial financing and other financial products and services to small businesses. 

We’ve worked hard to ensure that small businesses are not subject to predatory lending practices. Learn more about how to support these efforts on our latest blog post.

Arianna Marbley

August is National Black Business Month

Research shows that Black business owners have suffered the biggest decline in business activity during the pandemic, so it’s more important than ever to support these entrepreneurs through the downturn.

TMC Community Capital’s Small Business Big Heart Grant Program helped florist Arianna Marbley pivot her business model from in-person events to home deliveries – boosting sales and keeping her shop afloat.

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  • The SPI at Washington University in St. Louis wants to survey small business owners to learn more about what motivates decisions that affect workers during the pandemic. If you’d like to share this survey with your clients please contact Katie Kristensen.
  • SBA’s National Small Business Week Virtual Summit will take place September 13 – 15, 2021.

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