CAMEO Academy

The CAMEO Academy’s programs aim to expand business assistance training and ensure our members can meet their clients’ needs.

The CAMEO Academy develops new approaches to expanding business assistance training in the face of a rapidly changing landscape. The goal is to ensure that our member organizations operate with sophistication, professionalism, and efficiency while fulfilling their mission and meeting the needs of their clients.

Capacity Building Webinars

CAMEO provides training that promotes scale and sustainability of MDOs and to ensure the quality of services to micro-business clients. Training is based on industry best practices. For upcoming trainings visit our calendar.

Learning Management System

CAMEO launched our LMS in the summer of 2020.  Responding to the market needs, CAMEO developedan online learning center where our online capacity building programs will live.

Other Trainings & Workshops

Micro-Lending Essentials (MiLEs): Two-day training teaches the three main underwriting analyses, how to write a credit memo to support an underwriting recommendation, and provides actual microloan applications to practice on. MiLEs helps SBDCs, WBCs and other businesses assistance staff think like lenders so that their referrals are more successful.

Bring Your Business TA Online: With the current state of affairs, social distancing, and events being cancelled, those of us in economic development are left wondering how to best support business owners. One of the most obvious answers is to move technical assistance online. This 5-session Online Course will help you put your action plan in place. Design and develop an online program and learn the skills to deliver it in 2020. The program gives TA providers the skills, confidence, and practice to deliver engaging classes, group coaching sessions, and webinars online.

Past Programs

Gig Economy: CAMEO will facilitate an in-person training delivered by Samaschool to our member MDOs. Samaschool has developed an 8-12 hour curriculum on how to succeed as a freelancer.

Women Veterans Entrepreneurship Network (WOVEN): Meetups, online office hours, instant income and professional networking opportunities.

Centro Business Plan App: A smartphone-based tool for creating business plans, with training and support for programs looking to integrate it into their classes.

CAMEO Goes to Market: State-of-the-sector specialty foods training in rural areas.

Thumbtack Connects to Markets: Helping gig economy workers connect to markets.

Capacity Building Webinars: Monthly webinar series.