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Cybersecurity: Mitigating Risk for Microenterprises

We love technology. It helps us do so many things more efficiently. But it’s not immune to crime. Nationally cybersecurity incidents increased about 12 fold from about 5,500 in 2006 to more than 70,000 today. Join CAMEO board member, Jesse Torres, and a panel of experts who will help us navigate the cyberworld safely.

Andrea Wasko & Meaghan Gilbert, Connoisseur Creations

Andrea Wasko and Meaghan Gilbert of Los Osos, California launched their flagship product, the Quick Pickle Kit after starting Connoisseur Creations in 1996. After struggling with weight issues, Andrea wanted to develop a healthy alternative snack that would help people in similar situations. The Quick Pickle Kit is a safe, quick, simple, and natural way to make delicious pickles in the comfort of your own home.

Recommendations for SBA Microlending Reporting and Program

Tomorrow, CAMEO will be submitting the following recommendations on the SBA Microloan program to Senator Rubio’s staff on the Senate Small Business Committee. The committee will be holding a hearing on the program’s reauthorization in June as they attempt to reauthorize the entire Small Business Act this year. Thanks to Emily Gasner, our own in-house

CAMEO Weighs in on State Policy

UPDATED MAY 22, 2019 On May 8, 2019, Assemblymembers Sabrina Cervantes and Jordan Cunningham, Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy, along with committee members Ed Chau, James Ramos, and Christy Smith, submitted a letter to the Assembly Budget Committees requesting $5 million for the California Small Business

FUNDING ALERT: SBA PRIME Grant Application Is Now Open

From our colleagues at SBA: Today, the SBA’s Program for Investment in Micro-Entrepreneurs (PRIME) grants opportunity will be opened on    The SBA’s PRIME provides assistance to various organizations. These organizations help low-income entrepreneurs who lack sufficient training and education to gain access to capital to establish and expand their small businesses.   There are

Pancho Kachingwe, The Hatch

Pancho Kachingwe founded The Hatch Oakland Bar & Restaurant in 2014 to cater to a booming downtown Oakland. “Everything was self-funded,” he recalls. “It was myself doing the cooking, bartending, cleaning, shopping, everything.” But the business grew fast, and by year two, he had 18 employees.