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Robin King, Rene TreVor Jewelry

Robin King always dreamed of having her own business but never imagined it would come from such tragic circumstances. On the same day that she lost her mother to her battle against cancer, her 25-year-old son’s life was also taken. But part of her healing came through creativity. Not long after their deaths, Robin began making keepsake jewelry for herself and a few family members as a way of dealing with their recent losses and to keep their loved ones close. In loving memory of her mother and son, the name and concept for her business were conceived. 

Gig Economy 101: Samaschool and the Online Entrepreneur

  About a third of the labor force is engaged in some kind of independent work, or what is popularly called the gig economy. Our challenge is to help these independent entrepreneurs be successful on these platforms and achieve viable incomes—and ultimately create wealth. Many of our members report that they are serving this cohort,

African American Entrepreneur Success Stories

For the past few years, the greatest growth in business creation has been for businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color. African Americans have faced generations of institutional barriers to wealth-building and social and economic mobility. Despite this, their entrepreneurial spirit has made them one of the fastest-growing segments in business ownership. This African American History

Federal Funding for Small Business Through 2019

After weeks of negotiations and under a looming deadline to avoid another government shutdown, legislation to fund the government through the end of FY19 was passed by Congress and signed by the President. Below is a summary of appropriations levels approved for small business development programs:   U.S. Department of Agriculture  Program FY2019 Enacted CAMEO

IRS Webinars on New Tax Reform Provisions

The IRS has released a series of webinars to explain the new tax reform provisions that affect small businesses, including pass-through entities, the Qualified Business Income Deduction, and Opportunity Zones. The webinars are linked below:  Tax Reform Basics for Small Businesses and Pass-Through Entities  This presentation gives an overview of tax reform changes for small businesses and

Prosperity Now 2019 Scorecard – How Did California Rank?

Prosperity Now has released their 2019 Scorecard – an exhaustive resource that measures the performance of every state in the country on their outcomes and policies across five issue areas: Financial Assets & Income; Businesses & Jobs; Homeownership & Housing; and Health Care and Education. This year’s Scorecard is different in that it ranks each

African American Small Business Organizations

Entrepreneurship and small business ownership can often be a path to success and wealth building for underserved communities when traditional employment comes up short – and such is the case for black and African American communities across California. Few organizations are better at addressing the needs of these populations than those with a dedicated and