Michael and Barbara Crosbie, Crosbie Chiropractic

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Photo of Michael Crosbie

Michael and Barbara Crosbie founded Crosbie Chiropractic in 1983 in Southern California and moved to Humboldt County in 2001. They first set up shop in Rio Dell, then in Fortuna in 2006. Dr. Michael Crosbie dedicates his life to alleviating a myriad of conditions, from low back pain to migraine headaches. He is the only local practitioner of the Koren Specific technique. Dr. Crosbie has written nearly 50 articles for the Times-Standard since 2005. He strives to educate those who want to learn about how chiropractic treatments can improve overall health and well-being.

Repeat customers

They have been a client of the North Coast SBDC since 2004. They quickly learned that they can contact the SBDC and their Business Advisor whenever they need assistance or are looking for referrals to resources. Over the years, they have called on the SBDC for help on a myriad of subjects: legal structure, employee benefits, marketing, press releases, technology questions, and web site analysis. They’ve taken part in training events offered by SBDC: Quickbooks Boot Camp and Build Your Trybe.

In 2012 they returned to the SBDC for help in developing a detailed business plan for the growing practice. They were also in need of assistance putting together financial projections using Stilson’s Financial Template. Over a series of meetings they worked closely with their SBDC Business Advisor to complete a sound business plan.

Entering the online world

Photo of Crosbie Chiropractic practice

Crosbie Chiropractic recently developed a new web site. The hope is that it will educate those unfamiliar with how chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pain and heal the body or “turn on the life force”. The SBDC’s Technology Assistance Program analyzed their web site and offered suggestions to enhance the web site. When they completed the website, the SBDC assisted with a press release to help get the word out.

SBDC has been a terrific support to us and we know that SBDC will be there when we need them to offer knowledgeable advice on any business subject.

Michael Crosbie