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Economic Well-Being of Households 2022

The Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2022 report examines the financial lives of U.S. adults and their families. The report draws from the 10th annual Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking, or SHED, which was conducted in October 2022. The report, downloadable data, data visualizations, and a video summarizing the survey’s findings are found here.

2023 Report on Employer Firms

Small business revenue, employment, and profitability each improved from 2021, but expectations worsened year-over-year. With the end of pandemic-related funding programs, the application rate for traditional financing rebounded to prepandemic levels.

How Did Self-Care Industries Perform at Start of Pandemic?

According to the Census Bureau’s 2021 Service Annual Survey (SAS), while overall estimated Services Total revenue for employer firms decreased 1.7% from 2019 to 2020, estimated employer firm revenue for some of the service industries supporting self-care grew from 2019 to 2020.

Biden Economic Agenda 2021-23

President Biden made a series of concrete commitments to the American people about his plan for economic recovery and renewal. This blog post reviews those commitments and progress made in the two years since they were made.

Business Dynamics During COVID-19

Preliminary results suggest that small businesses helped soften the economic blow of COVID-19, and they may have helped the economy innovate and adapt. Further research on the relationships between performance, business applications, startup rates, and job quits during COVID-19 could shed light on the importance of small businesses in combating and recovering from economic crises.

Untangling the Personal and Professional

Entrepreneurship has historically been viewed as a pathway to economic opportunity and social mobility. While this remains true for many, more and more Americans are becoming entrepreneurs out of necessity. In Spring 2022, SaverLife, with the support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, launched a comprehensive marketing and outreach campaign to learn more about the self-employed.

The Rise of the Creator Economy

The rise of Creators and of the broader Creator Economy is the digital manifestation of the rise of creativity as a key element in our economy, society, and everyday lives. Creative Class Group

Entrepreneurship Research Methodologies for Equity and Inclusion

Historically, research on entrepreneurship and innovation has rarely been conducted using community-engaged methodologies – even in work that seeks to address barriers to entrepreneurship in systemically marginalized communities. We believe that including the voices of entrepreneurs in the research process may produce more nuanced and robust findings that, ultimately, can serve as the basis for programs and policies that could truly change the landscape of entrepreneurship in the United States.

Understanding the American Entrepreneurship Landscape: A New Resource

The Entrepreneurship in the Population (EPOP) Survey is a new publicly available resource for understanding the scope of entrepreneurial activities across the United States. The EPOP Survey includes a variety of measures of entrepreneurial behavior at a local level, providing policymakers and researchers with new information on the experiences and perceptions of entrepreneurs in their

Small Business Economic Bulletin: June 2022

Recent trends, including the number of small employer firms and proprietors’ income, show small firms have weathered the COVID-19 shock. However, the demand for small business finance has outpaced supply, indicating that banks have not fully recognized this resilience yet. SBA Office of Advocacy