CDFI Friendly America

CDFI Friendly America: A White Paper Introducing the CDFI Friendly Strategy for Smaller Cities and Towns By Mark A. Pinsky & Adina Abramowitz First posted March 2020 The purpose of this White Paper is to introduce a new way for America’s small cities and towns to attract flexible, affordable financing to address gaps in markets

Community Investment Fund Handbook

This handbook shines a spotlight on an emerging generation of practical, intelligent activists who are reinventing local financial systems. Even as they criticize capitalism, they are using – and mastering – its financial tools to solve local challenges. In the pages ahead you’ll find an emerging set of tools we call community investment funds. Our purpose and hope in preparing this guide is that you’ll consider creating one of these funds for your own community.

SBA Lending Data

The San Francisco District office has released new data on SBA guaranteed lending programs, accompanied with a user-friendly interface for visualizing and customizing the data to local areas. Create custom reports with lists of businesses that have benefited from SBA programs, find the active lenders in your neighborhood, and see trends going back to 1990.

California’s Nonprofit Sector 2019

California’s nonprofits bring more than $40 billion into California each year from out-of-state sources, and one in every 14 California jobs is at a nonprofit.

Community Quality of Life Placemaking

Entrepreneurial ecosystem building is about growing an environment where entrepreneurial talent can be inspired and supported. More and better entrepreneurial ventures are outcomes of strong community-based entrepreneurial ecosystems.

2019 U.S. Worker Cooperatives

This report is a co-production of Democracy at Work Institute and the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives. It is based on the participating 106 businesses. Only responding businesses that are incorporated, generated revenue and paid workers during FY2018 were included in the effort.

2017 Small Business Lending in the U.S.

U.S. banks play an integral role as credit suppliers to small businesses. Small businesses comprise of nearly all employer firms in the economy and employ 47.3 percent of the private sector workforce (SBA Advocacy, 2019). The existence and performance of these vibrant businesses depend on how banks and other financial intermediaries are responding to their credit needs. This report uses publicly available data on U.S. banks to analyze the patterns in small business lending.

Characteristics Of Older Self-Employed Individuals

Older workers are an economically important group as they represent a large and growing portion of the United States workforce. These workers are more likely to experience health conditions that limit their options in terms of the type and amount of work they pursue. Self-employed workers who report a new work-limiting health condition are more likely to remain in the workforce than wage and salary workers who also report a work-limiting health condition. Previous research suggests that self-employment provides more opportunities to accommodate work-limiting health conditions; this report explores whether self-employed workers with work-limiting health conditions report less physically demanding jobs or different hours and weeks worked than wage and salary workers who also report work-limiting health conditions.

Small Business Owners Voting in Primary States

Thumbtack released results of its first survey of small business owners in the 2020 presidential election. The data captures sentiment and preferences from over 400 individuals in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

CalSavers: 2019 Highlights

As we begin 2020 focused on major program growth, we’re proud to offer these highlights of CalSavers’ historic first year of active participation. In 2019, we saw our first pilot saver contributions on January 2 nd; welcomed our new board chair State Treasurer Fiona Ma on January 7th; fully launched the program statewide on July 1st; supported our early savers in amassing $1.4 million; and made many program enhancements along the way.