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Tom Ball, Orland Meat Processors

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Tom Ball had worked as a Nestle Sales Representative for five years when in January 2002 he became a victim of corporate downsizing. Not knowing where to go from here Tom saw this as an opportunity to become a business owner. As luck would have it, a meat cutting business was for sale in Orland. This seemed, to Tom, to be the perfect time to return to his past life as a meat cutter.

Orland Meat Processors focuses on services, competitive pricing and quality of workmanship that allows Tom’s customers to feel they get the best value for their money. Tom prides himself on his integrity, honesty and first class service. “Without honesty,” Tom said. “We would not be successful.”

At the same time, Glenn County was promoting inexpensive financing to help businesses in the county grow. Tom realized his business was in need of a new roof, and took the opportunity to not only get the new roof he needed but to refinance his existing business loan. “3CORE was extremely helpful, tolerant and patient with me,” Tom said. “This experience was not like getting a loan from a bank — 3CORE provided me with more personal service.”

The 3CORE financing services were a great fit for Tom. Their interest rates were much better than those offered at most commercial banks, and he liked that 3CORE worked closely with him to put a package together that best fit his business needs. “Most of all,” Tom said. “The organization is there to improve employment in the area. By helping to make my business more successful it helps the whole community.”

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