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Shutdowns Hurt Small Businesses

Last Friday, the President signed a measure to reopen the government after being shut down for 35 days. The continuing resolution will fund the government until February 15, during which time the President and Congress will discuss a border security package and a permanent end to the shutdown.

Angela Bicos Mavridis, Tribalí Foods

Angela Bicos Mavridis, a San Marino, California resident, comes from an entrepreneurial family. Her father owned a drive-thru that served up burgers, fries, and shakes. This, she later realized, was a far cry from the way her grandmother cooked and ate in their homeland of Greece. Mavridis spent childhood summers there, enjoying scratch-made Paleo cuisine comprised of organic, local foods.

Outcomes of CAMEO’s 2018 Federal Policy Priorities

Throughout 2018, CAMEO’s advocacy efforts included backing policies that increased support for small business and community development institutions, programs for rural entrepreneurs, more funding for microloans, and an improved tax code to benefit microentrepreneurs. While we saw advancements in some of these priorities, others saw little to no action from lawmakers.  Here are the results

The Government Must Stay Open for The Sake of Small Businesses

On behalf of the California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO) and its member organizations, we urge Congress to reopen the federal government as quickly as possible. CAMEO is California’s statewide micro-business network made up of over 220 organizations, agencies, and individuals dedicated to furthering micro-business development in California.

Donald Jacko Sr., DAD Services

DAD Services of Oakland, California is a janitorial company that specializes in providing top-notch commercial cleaning for San Francisco Bay Area businesses. The company was established in 1998 by Donald Jacko Sr., a native Oakland resident, and has always been a minority-owned, family-run business. DAD Services serves a diverse group of clients including medical institutions, investigative services, and security companies at their various locations. As part of his business philosophy, DAD Services aims to employ disadvantaged people, particularly formerly incarcerated individuals.

A Sunny Outlook for CA’s Small and Micro Businesses in 2019

With the start of a new year and a newly-inaugurated governor, we look to state policy to get a glimpse of what 2019 has in store for small and micro businesses. This year the outlook is hopeful, kicked off by Governor Gavin Newsom’s comments at his inaugural address on January 7: And those who dream