Online Learning for Microbusiness TA

Online learning is exploding. The industry will reach $325 billion in the next 5 years. This year, as part of our Coaching Academy we will focus on implementing online learning in our space.
On this first webinar we’ll discuss the following:
  • What online learning means to the microbusiness field
  • Why is it important for your organization to go online
  • How you can use online learning to empower your clients
  • How does the role of a training organization change
  • New tools for delivering business training (and how they differ from traditional training)
In subsequent webinars, some of the topics we will present are teaching to the gig economy, easy steps to going online, and cybersecurity.

About the Presenters

Joy Taylor has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, trainer and adjunct faculty at COS. Through consultations, training and executive coaching, her goal is to help WBC clients create robust, prosperous businesses. She teaches the It’s Your Businessentrepreneurial development class, manages the webinar and program schedule and designs and facilitates the advanced business development Programs. The WBC at JEDI inspires her because of the passion and commitment of the clients who are following their visions, and offering solutions through business.


Ravel Holland has a passion for teaching and helping small businesses succeed. He got his start working on alternative lending resources for business owners at NerdWallet. He was excited to begin work with BusinessBlocks to help bring an MBA skillset to Mainstreet America through digital tools and lessons.