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Dr. Liliana Cabouli Bio

Dr. Liliana Cabouli began her career as a licensed psychologist in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988. For the next nine years, she operated a private practice and worked in hospitals and the counseling center at Maimonides University.

She has a strong psychoanalytic and systemic background and specializes in applying these disciplines to family therapy, child and adolescent behavioral and emotional problems, marital therapy, bi-cultural family therapy and step-family issues.

Additionally, she works with divorced and single adults who are struggling to find meaningful relationships. When she arrived in the United States, Dr. Cabouli completed her doctorate and obtained her license in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She has worked in school settings, in the foster care system and currently has her own private practice. She is the creator of Strategic Experiential Family Therapy.

She had a radio show on Radio Hispana, AM 1470, called “Ask Dr.Cabouli” and has been a guest speaker in all the Hispanic media. She was a professor at Alliant International University.

Dr. Cabouli’s goal is to help you achieve the growth that she knows you are capable of. She has a fundamental faith in the value of human resources and in the healing power of change. She believes raw foods and herbs, acupuncture, massage and alternative medicine as the path to optimum health.

She believes that self-awareness and striving for growth are important attributes in order to live a more fulfilling and happy life. She recognizes that love and connection are essential things in life and she strives to promote these values in the lives of her clients and their families.