CA Open for Business Part 2 – Q&A

As of July 14, CA has administered 42,620,086 total vaccines, follow the daily progress!

At our May meeting, guests updated us on beyond the “Blueprint for a Safer Economy,” the state’s effort to fully reopen our economy. The Vaccinate ALL 58 team came back, and was joined by the Health Action Alliance.
We addressed your clients biggest concerns and our guest speakers went over tons of great resources.

Our amazing lineup included:

  • Willie Rudman, External Affairs Office with California Department of Public Health’s Vaccinate All 58 Team 
  • Trudy Raymundo, California Department of Public Health Head of External Affairs, COVID-19 Response
  • Von Boyenger, State of California Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner
  • Erika Monterroza, Department of Industrial Relations Communications Deputy Director
  • Brandon Hart, Division of Occupational Safety & Health Program Manager, Communications and Strategic Planning
  • Stephen Massey, co-Founder of a California-based small business, Meteorite, and Managing Director of the Health Action Alliance


Presentation slides

Vaccinate All 58

Health Action Alliance