2011 Annual Meeting Resources

The energy and engagement of the 60 people who came to The 2011 Annual Meeting was inspiring. See below for a recap and resources as promised. Please share with your colleagues.


Day 1:

  • Glenda Humiston (USDA) explained how rural communities can build a value chain in agriculture by increasing processing resources such as cold storage and slaughterhouses, functions that are currently done by big corporations outside California.
  • Michael Kraft (Northcoast SBDC) and Jacqueline Debets (Humboldt County) explained how they got the whole county on board for the “Made in Humboldt” effort that is revitalizing and diversifying their county. One thing that stuck with me was a local cheesemaker can create four jobs if every other week local residents buy a hunk of cheese.
  • Great discussion on what resources are needed and advice on collaboration.  See CAMEO Rural Summit Notes.
  • Later in the afternoon, David Brodwin (communications guru extraordinaire) led a workshop on framing of Micro Enterprise. Since it’s a new concept for the mainstream, we need to create a message that people understand, have a good feeling about and support with action.  CAMEO has been working on this frame and while, we’re not done, we’re nearly there.  Access David Brodwin Session Notes that lists target audiences, our competition for attention and what we want our audiences to understand.  After our discussion we split up into groups and used what we learned to create radio spots that supported a bill for Micro Enterprise.
  • The afternoon was followed up by a discussion led by Robert Villareal and Stacey Sanchez of CDC Small Business on how to collaborate with them on the Community Advantage program.
  • We ended the evening at a fun networking dinner where we honored one of CAMEO’s founders, Sheilah Rogers.

Day 2:

  • We started early at 8:00 a.m. with breakfast and a presentation by consultant and professor, Phil Borden about how small businesses are creating all the jobs and doing 60% of the innovation.
  • We honored our first CAMEO Face of Entrepreneur – Simonida Cvejic, Executive Director of Bay Area Medical Academy.
  • Then Townsend Public Affairs ran down the political climate (all about the budget), what California bills we are watching and working, and present tips for educating your legislators.
  • CAMEO members spread out across the Capitol and talked to about 60 members about Micro Enterprise.


Glenda Humiston, USDA – Rural Clusters, Opportunities

The Humboldt Cluster: Responding to Opportunities business cluster development nuts and bolts
Made in Humboldt website

David Brodwin and Heidi Pickman Framing and the CAMEO Message

How you can collaborate with CDC Small Business and its 7a community loan program

Phil Borden (bio): Very Small Businesses Create All the new jobs in California

CAMEO Face of Entrepreneurship Award to Simonida Cvejic, Executive Director of Bay Area Medical Academy

Talking points


Advocacy training resources


Legislator visits.  Find your legislator.