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Improve Your Writing in 5 Steps (and learn 11 writing tips as a bonus)

Everyone writes in their job, whether for internal email exchanges or for external consumption, e.g. tweets for social media accounts, client stories, grant narratives, donor letters. For those of us in the microbusiness sector, effectively communicating our point is important to prove our impact. Join this webinar and walk through 5 steps in the writing process that will bring more punch to your writing and learn more than 10 easy-to-apply writing tips. 

What will you learn?
*Brush up on what you need to know to always write correctly
*Create content that is clear, concise, and usable
*Understand the difference between active and passive voice — and why voice is one of the most essential elements of writing
*Eliminate “blank page paranoia” — get the first word out and overcome writing fears that cause delays and procrastination
*How to become a better self-editor



Heidi Pickman

VP, Programs and Policy