Dan Beam

Dan Beam, founder of BEAM Inc has provided services to CAMEO and its members since 2007. BEAM is a San Francisco based international consulting firm dedicated to supporting the creative, positive changes that are emerging in all sectors of society. “We guide organizations at the crossroads of change when challenges and opportunities demand a new level of clarity, innovative thinking, and united execution”

Doing things they way they’ve always been done is a good way to become irrelevant and behind-the-times.  Dan’s gift is in creating a big picture perspective that describes future trends.  Dan can see new ways of doing business and being successful, before those ways are fully embraced by the society at large.  He offers a window into the future and helps us think outside the box that allows for success in an ever-changing social, economic and cultural environment.  Dan’s latest presentation to CAMEO members, he offered the following perspective.

Successful leaders in times of uncertainty spend more time on creative new ideas and collaboration.  They expand and reach out, rather than contract.

Collaborative Creation is key.  This means making it work for everybody and creating “relationships built on genuine caring and vulnerability.”

Successful collaboration involves:

  • Convening all those who will make a new system work
  • Listening, being present and open to other views
  • Building commitment to a higher vision that unites.

How can we handle the complexity of the world and the added complexity of collaboration?

  • Stay holistic; think big
  • Network and connect
  • Flow and let it go

In challenging times we should open up, not close up.

  • Increase communication
  • Leverage partners and alliances
  • Invite in more ideas
  • Pull together as a community

We need to live and operate from Creative Passion

  • Name the fear to pass through it.
  • Stay open to new opportunities
  • Operate from abundance

Try this exercise to stimulate Creativity:

How can I screw up this system/problem/obstacle?

Dan’s prescription:

  1. Ask the right questions
  2. Practice direct observation
  3. Embrace your constraints
  4. Connect ideas
  5. Just try it.  Experiment.  Tinker.
  6. Network.  Open it up to others.

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