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CalSavers Retirement Savings Program

Join us and our colleagues at Small Business Majority and CalSavers for an interactive webinar that covers the state’s new CalSavers Retirement Savings Program. This program provides a portable workplace retirement savings account for private-sector workers whose employers are unable to offer a retirement program. The program is operated by a private third party administrator overseen by the state and the accounts are funded entirely by employee contributions. This means small businesses are able to help their employees access a retirement savings program at no added cost.

Topics Include:
• A brief overview of CalSavers, a new retirement saving program that launched on July 1, 2019
• Why CalSavers is needed
• What we currently know and don’t know about the program
• Employer and employee eligibility for CalSavers
• How the program will work and employer responsibilities
• How to stay informed as CalSavers is implemented