Jennifer Sutherlin, Delta Glass Co.

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Jennifer Sutherlin and Delta staff

Delta Glass Co. was founded in 1953 by Nelson Palmer. Kenneth Frost later joined Palmer as a partner in the business. The business was originally located on Main Street, only one block east of their current location.

Delta Glass Co. provides the best in glass repair and installation service for both residential and commercial properties. They use only the best parts and materials. Their quality of workmanship and attention to detail are second to none.

In 1970, Palmer’s son Mark joined the firm after serving an apprenticeship in the trade. He took over his father’s portion of the business when he retired in 1983. Soon after, Frost’s son, Ken assumed his father’s role in the firm. The company suffered a big loss when Ken Jr., died unexpectedly in 2011.

A new era

In 2015, Mark Palmer decided to retire. Jennifer Sutherlin, Delta’s longtime trusted manager, wanted to buy him out. She needed a loan in order to do so. But she didn’t know how to prepare for the bank application process. 

Delta Glass Co

The San Joaquin Delta College SBDC stepped in. They started by analyzing the company’s financial history in order to calculate the average monthly sales and expense amounts. This allowed Jennifer to be able to accurately calculate a profit and loss statement. This included the assessing of specific expenses that would likely change with a proposed partner buyout. The SBDC also helped her to draft a business plan to go along with the projected profit and loss statement. 

Jennifer was able to secure a loan from a local loan program – the San Joaquin County Revolving Loan Fund. She received $168,900 which enabled her to buy Mark out. This positively resulted in retaining jobs for four employees, and created a position for one additional employee.