Entrepreneurship in Portland

The-State-of-Entrepreneurship-in-PDXThe State of Entrepreneurship in PDX

Portland Development Commission

First published February 2013

Entrepreneurship drives job growth, and Portland’s prosperity depends on developing the small, scalable, entrepreneurial firms that create jobs and economic opportunity. The region’s natural resources, affordability, and lifestyle amenities will not be enough to remain competitive in a global economy.

Our region’s capacity to innovate, create jobs, support business start-up, growth and expansion, to deliver world class talent and engage in strategic partnerships will further Portland’s competitiveness. Understanding the dynamics of Portland’s entrepreneurial community can help inform policy and initiatives for maintaining and growing the city’s status as a pioneering place for business and industry.

The State of Entrepreneurship in Portland reviews the current environment for entrepreneurship in Portland and defines an action plan to complement the City’s target industry cluster and neighborhood economic development strategies and catalytic redevelopment efforts.

Over the course of several months PDC engaged entrepreneurs, business leaders and service providers to better understand the entrepreneurial environment. The resulting information indicates that conditions are mixed, considerable challenges exist, and perceptions don’t always match reality. Still, challenges point to opportunity, and together civic leaders and the economic development community can respond effectively to achieve a more successful entrepreneurial environment.

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