Supporting Returning Citizen Entrepreneurs

Achieving Credit Strength: A Toolkit for Supporting Returning Citizen Entrepreneurs

Credit Builders Alliance

First published April 2018

Many returning citizens wish to start or grow a small business. Yet for those who have no or impaired credit histories following incarceration, the lack of available responsible credit building financial products makes them more susceptible to the ubiquitous and predatory marketing practices of payday lenders and other fringe creditors. This perpetuates opportunities for returning citizens to fall into cycles of financial instability.

In recognition of these challenges, Credit Builders Alliance released Achieving Credit Strength: A Toolkit for Supporting Returning Citizen Entrepreneurs. This toolkit provides financial capability and reentry practitioners with tools and resources for helping returning citizens to build strong credit, and strong businesses. In conjunction with the release of this toolkit, CBA is hosting convenings in partnership with community leaders that are experts in this space. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the toolkit and national experts discussing credit building, entrepreneurship and ways to support the financial stability of returning citizens pre- and post-incarceration. See below for more details on each convening.


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