Freelancing in America: 2017

Freelancing in America: 2017

Freelancers Union & Upwork

First published October 2017

Freelancing in America: 2017 is our fourth annual report on the state of freelance work and the most comprehensive measure of the US independent workforce.

More workers are freelancing full-time and by choice than ever before. They are increasingly opting into a different way of working and bringing in income. In fact,
many freelancers say that pursuing diverse income streams is more reliable today than having a single employer. This way of working also brings unique challenges.
While the workforce overall struggles with debt, saving money, and accessing affordable health care, freelancers face a unique challenge when it comes to income
predictability and would be more likely to vote for a politician that will recognize their issues. In fact, 72% of freelancers say they’re ready to cross party lines to support
policymakers who will advocate for them.

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