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2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard

2019 Scorecard: National Report

Prosperity Now

First published January 2019

The Prosperity Now Scorecard is a comprehensive resource for data on household financial health, racial economic inequality and policy recommendations to help put everyone in our country on a path to prosperity.

The Scorecard ranks states on 52 outcome measures across five issue areas on the financial situation of all residents.

For the first time, the 2019 Scorecard also ranks the states on racial disparities—the gaps in 26 outcome measures between White residents and residents of color—and factors this into a state’s overall performance. We do this to make explicit the impact race has on economic outcomes and to center race in our conversations about solutions.

To read our companion analysis of the impact of racial disparity on states’ Scorecard rankings and economic prosperity see: https://

To see how your state ranks on overall financial health and racial disparities, as well as explore the full set of outcome and policy measures, visit


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