2012 NWBC Annual Report

NWBC-Annual-Report-20122012 Annual Report

National Women’s Business Council

First published December 2012

By all measures 2012 has been a year of opportunity and challenge, both abroad and on our shores. It was a year that brought with it many important issues: uncertainty in the world economy, volatility in financial markets, unrest in multiple areas of the world, a much anticipated election cycle here in the United States, and a potential fiscal cliff that remains daunting for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

For the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC), this environment was one from which to learn, and in which to take a leadership role to help increase the economic participation of women entrepreneurs. As an independent advisor to Congress, the White House and the U.S. Small Business Administration, our charge is to focus on what matters most in promoting the growth of women-owned businesses, and to leverage opportunities within public and private programs and initiatives that work to achieve this goal. With women representing half of the population, but only 30% of business owners, there is clearly individual and collective potential being leſt on the economic table.

On behalf of the National Women’s Business Council and staff, we are pleased to present our annual report for fiscal year 2012. This past year we continued to build upon the progress being made in a number of areas affecting growth and advancement of women-owned businesses…

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