More Corporate Activities Need to Support Small Business

To celebrate Farmers’ Market Week, Chipotle Mexican Grill is donating $1 to the Farmer-Veteran Coalition for every side of guacamole purchased at their California locations. Corporate collaborations that help small businesses invest in local communities.

Heidi Pickman

San Francisco, CA

To celebrate Farmers’ Market Week, Chipotle Mexican Grill is donating $1 to the Farmer-Veteran Coalition (up to $50,000) for every side of guacamole purchased this week at their California locations. The promotion highlights the importance of local small businesses by recognizing their role in the supply chain. Without the proximity to local avocadoes, Chipotle’s guacamole wouldn’t be as fresh. Chipotle plans to source 10 million pounds of local produce in 2012, that’s double the amount of two years ago.

“Some governments and quasi-public entities like universities and hospitals have buy-local procurement policies,” said Claudia Viek, C.E.O. of CAMEO. “It is great to see companies investing in the communities where they operate, not only in the small businesses, but the organizations that ensure businesses are successful.”

In addition to the commitment to local procurement, the promotion will help the Farmer-Veteran Coalition (FVC) “support American farming and mobilize veterans to feed America.” FVC helps veterans-turned-farmers to overcome the agricultural, managerial, financial, and marketing obstacles to success.

According to Civic Economics, when a dollar is spent at a local business, 45 cents is invested locally, that’s three times more than if the dollar were to be spent at a national chain.

When corporations invest in the local communities, money is recycled in the community, economies are more sustainable, and more jobs are created.

“One CAMEO member told me that his client, a cheesemaker in Humboldt County, said if his neighbors buy a hunk of cheese every two weeks, he can create four new jobs,” said Viek. “Think of the job creation possibilities if big corporations spent more dollars locally.”

Chipotle joins other corporations such as Starbucks and Whole Foods in a commitment to invest in America’s small businesses. CAMEO believes that commitments like these bolster local businesses, help small entrepreneurs and build strong communities.

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