Xochitl Guerrero, Taller Xochicura

xochitlguerrerotallerxochicuraAccording to AnewAmerica:

Xochitl has developed the confidence to launch her businesses as an artist, and has transformed in front of our eyes into someone who has figured out how to make a living out of her passion. She is positioning herself to successfully make a living out of her art — from unpaid community projects to an artist with professional standing that can command a price for her talent.  

She spent a lot of time in the planning phase before officially launching Taller Xochicura at the AnewAmerica EXPO in August of 2014.  Many people get stuck in the planning phase because they are so afraid to get out of their comfort zone.  She is a good example of where people start with AnewAmerica — they have a lot of talent and a vision but a lack of business development skills.  AnewAmerica is in the process of helping her develop her online presence and grow her business.

Xochitl (SO-sheel) Guerrero is an Oakland artist-activist-teacher whose creations include studio fine art, murals, gourd decoration, and mosaic/tile art. She has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

Her career in Oakland began over 35 years ago working with youth, and she has re-invented herself by opening Taller Xochicura in 2013. To find new patrons, she uses social media and displays her work at festival booths, cafes and galleries. She has also contracted with communities and the City of Oakland to undertake mural projects. Besides the Bay Area, Xochitl has patrons and interested buyers quickly expanding to other areas including Los Angeles, New York, Florida and Hawaii.

AnewAmerica & Taller Xochicura

Xochitl sought out AnewAmerica to guide her to a successful transition after starting Taller Xochicura. She says that AnewAmerica has not only given her the confidence she needs to sell at fairs, but also keeps her accountable for the goals she sets in coaching sessions.

Xochitl participated in our Savings Match Program, funded by Y&H Soda Foundation. Once she hit her target of $2,000 saved in December 2014, AnewAmerica matched her dollar for dollar so that she could put a total of $4,000 toward purchasing a laptop, camera and printer. These business assets increase her opportunities to sell her work online and showcase her portfolio. Xochitl plans to use them to grow her social media capabilities.

Inspiring Future Women Entrepreneurs

As a woman business owner, Xochitl is proud to stand up for herself and let everyone know that she owns Taller Xochicura. She has younger artists work by her side on her murals while she teaches and guides them. She hopes to inspire other women to find ways to do what they love, follow their dreams, and not give up!