Workforce Mental Health Playbook

From our colleagues at Health Action Alliance

During Mental Health Awareness Month, the Health Action Alliance, in partnership with the Ad Council, One Mind and Mental Health Action Day, launched a brand new Workplace Mental Health Playbook –– a comprehensive guide to help organizations meet today’s unique workplace mental health challenges.

Here are five ways this new resource can help your organization.

1.  Informative research on the mental health impact of COVID-19.

The risk for depression in the United States has more than tripled since the pandemic began. Our Playbook will help you understand the pandemic’s toll on mental health and how your business can help workers adjust to a “new normal.”

2.  Introduction to fundamental psychological principles.  

Mental health is influenced by individual factors such as genetics, brain chemistry and personal history, as well as our relationships, circumstances and the places where we live and work. Our Playbook offers foundational psychological principles to help you build your company’s workplace mental health program.

3.  Reflective framework for strengthening workplace culture.

Research shows that workplace culture plays an outsized role in employees’ mental health. Our Playbook outlines five steps you can take to create a workplace that’s psychologically safer.

4.  Insightful “pro tips” based on real-world success stories.

Drawing from more than a dozen case studies, our Playbook includes proven strategies and real-world innovations to help you connect workers to support and treatment options.

5.  Comprehensive mental health tools and resources for supporting employees.

In addition to a robust list of resources for employees to utilize in times of crisis, our new Playbook provides links to conversation guides, sample internal communications templates and planning tools to help your organization support employees’ mental health.