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Verity Somers, Raw Workouts

Verity Somers, founder of Raw Workouts, a blonde woman wearing workout clothes and standing next to a large mirrorThis Success Story comes from Women’s Economic Ventures. You can find out more about Verity Somers and Raw Workouts here.

What prompted you to start your business?

When I graduated from UCSB, I was determined to find a job that allowed me to help people keep and/or restore their most valuable possession: their health. I was hired at a local, corporate-owned gym, which helped me gain a strong client-base. I began to truly gain an understanding of why people exercise, what motivates these people, and more importantly, what causes them to stop, and/or plateau. Part of the issue, I believed, was the lack of personalized workouts provided by underpaid, uninterested corporate trainers. I wanted to cater to each of my clients in specific and individualized ways, the way, I feel, personal training should be… So I started my own business.

What role did WEV play in the opening of your business?

Had it not been for WEV’s program and all the help they provided in my journey to fly solo, I never would have even tried. My sister encouraged me to take the course after she’d been through it herself. I was reluctant simply because the thought of owning my own business just seemed unfathomable. However, the course, the accountability it provided, the instructors, the guest speakers, and my classmates (who were just as scared as I was) were exactly what I needed to gain the courage to move forward with my goals. I still reference my HUGE WEV binder crammed full of information to continually expand my business.

What specific goals have you set and achieved as a business owner, and what goals will you conquer next?

I had several specific goals when I began. One, was to double the number of clients I train through advertisements and marketing strategies I learned at WEV and to provide each of these clients with the best programs designed to achieve their optimal health. The most important thing, however, was the goal to run my business with integrity. Above all else, I wanted to provide a service that anyone could enjoy. I wanted to set specific price points that made personal training affordable. Lastly, I wanted people to hire me because they trusted me fully and understood that I cared deeply about their goals, their insecurities, and their overall health. I’m proud to have achieved all of these goals, and more. Next, I envision cutting a red ribbon at the grand opening of my very own wellness center.

How have YOU helped WEV, as well as list other WEV clients you’ve worked with?

I’ve come back to WEV as a guest speaker several times. I promote current and potential clients of WEV to pursue their dreams, especially the clients who voice the same reluctance I once had regarding business ownership. The WEV community has also been an amazing resource for networking. WEV graduate, Cory Pironti of Dandyline Designs designed my entire website. Vinit Satyavrata, of Pure Light Photography has shot all Raw Workouts advertisement photos. My good friend Angela Burton, of KeyTC Solutions has helped counsel me through stressful moments of business ownership…(I never said I didn’t have an occasional meltdown!)

What advice do you offer others who might want to start their own business?

Do it. Just like exercise and dieting… no excuses. Just do it. At a powerlifting seminar I attended earlier this year, Dave Tate, owner of Elite FTS, gave me one of the best pieces of advice I’d ever heard. He said, when it comes to owning a business in which you’re up against A LOT of competition, just be you. Have integrity. Care. Be nice to people. Be honest. The rest will follow… provided, of course, you work your ass off.