Talking the Talk

Save the Date!  Telling the Micro Enterprise Story, with Joel ben Izzy, a nationally known communications trainer and professional story teller, March 24th in San Francisco.

Last year we saw an increase in public awareness and government support for Micro Enterprise development and lending as important to economic stimulus.  But we have by no means reached the Tipping Point, where, for example, our work is seen as the key strategy for job creation and our state’s economic renewal.

To build on our momentum we need to focus on increasing public awareness through the stories of how our clients and programs are creating economic impact.  This is CAMEO’s theme for 2011, and we are kicking off by offering our members an extraordinary trainer who will help you frame a more compelling and effective story.

Check out Joel ben Izzy, at:

And plan to travel to San Francisco on March 24th for this special event.