Nick Romero, Rawknykz Barber Shop

Thanks to Accion San Diego for this story.

nickromerorawknykzNick Romero was cutting hair on base while he was in the Marines for over four years. After he left, Nick continued to cut hair out of his garage for the military community around his home. In 2011, this East Coast native received a microloan from Accion San Diego to open Rawknykz Barber Shop with the vision to build a true community barber shop in the area.

“Where I’m from, the barber shop is the neighborhood community center,” commented Nick, as he talked about creating space where locals could share news and promote events. Only a year after opening, Nick’s vision is becoming a reality. When his shop opens at 11 a.m., there is already a line of people waiting for haircuts, and youth often hang out at his urban-inspired shop for hours. His revenue in 2012 increased 45% over 2011, and he now has up to four other barbers working in his shop. This not only creates jobs for the community, but Nick commits himself to pass on his passion and skills to those who work alongside him. Someday, he hopes to open a barber school that trains barbers who not only cut hair well, but also create community centers in their neighborhoods.

You can check out a gallery of haircuts at their Facebook page.

8690 Aero Dr #106
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 278-1530