Invest in the Mendocino Wool Mill

Through a historic new community-based Local Social Impact Investment Note, California residents can harness the power of local investment and help launch the Mendocino Wool Mill project. Economic Development & Financing Corporation (EDFC) offers investors an opportunity to shift their money from Wall Street to “Main Street” with the first Direct Public Offering of its kind in the state of California.

Spearheaded by local sheepshearer, Matt Gilbert, the wool mill will help revive a traditional industry that has huge potential to support local ranchers and artisans, and create new jobs while producing many fine locally-processed wool products.

EDFC is a 501(c)3 non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), that has been operating in Mendocino County since 1995, with extensive lending history. Our mission is to connect money and ideas with entrepreneurs to create sustainable prosperity. We believe in building a healthy community that encourages resourcefulness, creativity and abundance for future generations. If you share this vision, we want to know you.

Details: The DPO mitigates risk by matching investments with grant funding and portfolio insurance. Each note has a 6-year term with a 2% annual interest rate. We are aiming to raise a minimum of $250,000 by February 2016. We have raised over $100k to date, see website to track our progress!

Please contact EDFC for more information and an investor packet.