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Exploring Financial Capability and Access for Entrepreneurs

From our friends at CFED…

You’re invited to register for Exploring Financial Capability & Access for Entrepreneurs, CFED’s five-part virtual Listening & Learning Series.

We’re launching this series in response to growing interest from Assets & Opportunity Network Members in the financial capability needs of entrepreneurs and the value of business ownership as an asset. Through this series, we will share what we know and lift up experts from the field to discuss key financial capability and access challenges facing low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs, as well as promising solutions to address these challenges. We will also invite participants to contribute to the conversation by exploring the ways these challenges affect their own clients, sharing the strategies they have used to address them and shedding light on the gaps in solutions and information that still exist.

Why participate? During each installation, you’ll learn from practitioners, researchers and other experts, reflect on your experiences and share your questions and opinions. Your participation will help us begin to form a sub-network of partners interested in entrepreneur-focused issues and your contributions will ultimately inform the development of CFED’s entrepreneurship program.

Join us to explore these topics:

  • April 19 | Cash Flow Volatility: The Ultimate Driver of Business Financial Vulnerability
    We’ll highlight the underlying drivers of cash flow volatility, explore how practitioners diagnose and address these challenges and investigate where solutions are still needed.
  • May 10 | Mastering the Know-How: Financial Management Expertise & Advice for Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurs’ ability to navigate the ups and downs of cash flow requires a set of knowledge and skills — or the ability to pay for outside help. We’ll investigate the financial skills, tools, knowledge and advice needed to succeed and strategies for building and accessing them.
  • May 31 | A New Financial Frontier: Alternative Small Business Lending
    The proliferation of alternative small business lending models has changed the business financing landscape. We’ll discuss this transformation, explore what’s predatory and what isn’t and discuss how mission-driven product providers can get involved in this space.
  • June 21 | Credit as an Asset: Building & Maintaining Credit for Entrepreneurs
    We’ll discuss the significance of building a strong credit history for accessing business loans, credit’s effect on many other facets of entrepreneurs’ financial lives and strategies for credit building.
  • July 12 | Race, Entrepreneurial Success & the Wealth Divide
    On our final webinar, we’ll examine race as it affects the many components of financial capability covered throughout the series, explore approaches to address disparities in access and even discuss the potential role of business ownership in closing the racial wealth divide.

Register for Exploring Financial Capability & Access for Entrepreneurs. By registering, you’ll sign up for the complete series. Don’t worry if you can’t make them all; the recordings will be sent to all registrants after each webinar.