Entrepreneurship Advantage June Virtual Meetup: Modernizing TA for Minority-Owned Small Businesses

The Milken Institute is researching how to modernize evaluation strategies and improve the responsiveness of small business technical assistance (TA) programs through the application of behavioral science. 
Applying behavioral science means that you’ll understand:

  • Elements that go into the small business owners’ decision making process, such as what stresses them out, their views on money, their goals in life, etc…;
  • Their biases and heuristics that play into their decision making – like past experience and future plans; and
  • How to ‘nudge’ your clients in the right direction.

Join Ivana Wang, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Regional Economics from the Milken Institute for a short presentation and robust discussion on using what motivates small business owners to action (the behavioral science piece) to increase the impact of our TA programs, all while applying cultural competencies.


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