Congrats to CVBI’s Rich Mostert

Rich Mostert named UC Merced SBDC State Star


Central Valley Business Incubator SBDC Director Kirk Nagamine and UC Merced SBDC State Regional Director Diane Howerton announced Rich Mostert, CVBI-SBDC Assistant Director, will receive the UC Merced SBDC State Star Award at the annual ASBDC Conference in New Orleans on September 11, 2012.

The Association of Small Business Development Centers recognizes an outstanding SBDC employee who exhibits exemplary performance from each state, regional or territorial SBDC. CVBI-SBDC CEO Kirk Nagamine stated that “Rich Mostert was voted by his peers as the UC Merced SBDC Star because of his strong commitment to helping the small business community. Rich is a great resource to small business owners and serves as a leader of innovation and entrepreneurship in our four county areas and the entire SBDC Network. We are very fortunate to have him as a member of our team.”

The CVBI-SBDC is greatly honored by receiving the #1 in State of California Small Business Development Center Excellence and Innovation Award. Earning the top honor in a network of 35 statewide centers, this award serves as a wonderful tribute to the collaboration and innovative efforts of the Central Valley. Although this win was a collaborative effort, Rich Mostert was instrumental in combining all the elements of the CVBI-SBDC into one cohesive unit which helped CVBI-SBDC stand apart from other centers. Indicative of his individual accomplishment was the Small Business Awards recognition event where four of the seven category winners were clients nominated by Rich Mostert.

The SBDC program provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance needed to become successful in today’s economic climate. Direct and technical assistance is provided to entrepreneurs through one on one consulting at no cost and low cost seminars and conferences.