Candance Pilgram-Simmons, All That & MORE Boutique

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candancepilgrimsimmonsallthatandmoreboutiqueCandance Pilgram-Simmons and a partner opened All That & MORE Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessories store, in Culver City, California more than three years ago. The boutique features contemporary fashions, accessories, handbags and men’s accessories. She also takes consignments from fashion and jewelry designers.

Candance came to Pacific Coast Regional’s Small Business Development Center in March 2012 looking for advice and counsel on management issues and possible loan financing. At that time she and her partner were in discussions about ending their partnership venture, requiring her to refashion her plans in order to continue.

PCR SBDC first helped Candance deal with the hard business of dissolving the partnership, helping her and her partner get a mediated settlement agreement. We also helped her deal with the lessor of the store premises resulting in her getting a new lease.

In this new beginning, with our assistance, Candance began a successful debt reduction plan, incorporated the business, hired a part time employee and has taken on two interns. Candance has also expanded the marketing reach of her boutique, attracting more customers including some from the arts and entertainment industry.

The Culver City News voted All That & MORE boutique as 2013 Best of Culver City for “Special Occasion Dress.” Most importantly, during her first year as sole owner she has almost doubled her monthly sales.

All That & MORE boutique is located at 10754 Jefferson Blvd Culver City, CA 90230 (310) 559 7332 Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @atmboutique, and instagram.

“We all deserve an All That & MORE boutique experience.”

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