CAMEO commends Biden-Harris Administration’s Announcement of New Resources for Women-owned Businesses

CAMEO member West Center was present at the White House for the announcement of the WBC’s expansion to 160 centers. Pictured here: West WBC’s MaryAnne Petrillo. Photo courtesy of West Center.

Washington, D.C. March 28, 2023 – CAMEO commends the Biden-Harris administration’s announcement that the Small Business Administration (SBA) will expand the Women’s Business Centers network to 160 centers across the country. The White House’s pledge, made yesterday at the second annual Women’s Business Summit at the White House, will help connect women entrepreneurs to critical training, mentoring, business development, and financing opportunities. 

“The Biden-Harris administration has been a steadfast champion of women entrepreneurs,” said Carolina Martinez, CEO of CAMEO. “Yesterday’s announcement reaffirms that commitment. Almost 60% of women entrepreneurs do not have the same access to capital as their male counterparts, nor do they have adequate access to coaching and networking opportunities. Expanding the Women’s Business Centers network will play a tremendous role in supporting our women-owned small businesses.”

In 2021 and 2022, Americans applied to start a record 10.5 million new businesses, powered by women and people of color. Women now own 12 million businesses and employ over 10 million workers in America. Continued investment in the SBA’s Women’s Business Centers and other technical assistance programs will be key to helping ensure these new businesses have the support they need to thrive.