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ASBC Media Training

Our friends at the American Sustainable Business Council is holding their first ever media training series.

Their hope is that these training sessions will help you become more effective communicators in getting your story and our collective stories out to the public or to targeted audiences.  They hope you will use what you have learned in these sessions to educate your partners, members and their members on how to most effectively utilize media tools to build awareness.

Week 1 – December 4th 3:00pm EDT will cover Social Media. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. We will cover how to effectively communicate your message through several of these social media platforms. This discussion will include reporting and metrics as well as proper procedures to increase visibility and effectiveness. Register Here.

Week 2 – December 11th 3:00pm EDT will cover writing Op-Eds and letters to the editor. We will be joined by an expert in this field who will outline how to most effectively communicate your message by writing op-eds and letters to the editor. Both can be invaluable in communicating your message to external audiences, here you will gain the tools needed to craft effective messages. Register Here.

Week 3 – December 18th 3:00pm EDT will cover TV and Radio promotions. You will learn how TV and Radio can be valuable tools in getting your message out to a wide audience. We will be joined by Stephenie Hendricks who is the host of Trust Across America an online radio show that features a monthly piece by ASBC. Register Here.

You can attend any or all of these training, if you would like to attend all three please email Brigitte Hines at ASBC who can facilitate your registration for all three events.