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Take Action: Support SB 33

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SB 1235 authorization runs through January 1, 2024. By eliminating the 2024 sunset date for SB 1235, SB 33 would guarantee transparency for businesses and certainty for providers that the required financing disclosure rules implemented in December 2022 will remain in place.

The Senate Banking Committee will have a hearing on SB 33 TODAY at 1:30 pm PT. Please call in! It’s easy – just say your name, organization, and that you support SB 33 and transparency in lending.

And sign our support letter if you haven’t already!

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Webinar: Managing Big Bucks

Many of you have questions about your organizational cash management and FDIC insurance given the recent events in the banking industry.

Join our webinar on “Managing Big Bucks – Cash Management for Your Org” on April 14, 2023 from 11:00 am -12:00 pm PT.

We will be joined by Jeff Holliday from US Bank. We’ll have a Q&A, so send us your questions through Eventbrite or email them to Liza Rivera before April 10.

MaryAnne Petrillo at the White House
West WBC’s MaryAnne Petrillo at the White House. Photo courtesy of West Center.

Biden Admin Announces New Resources for WBCs

CAMEO commends the Biden-Harris administration’s announcement that the SBA will expand the Women’s Business Centers network to 160 centers across the country. The White House’s pledge, made on Tuesday at the second annual Women’s Business Summit at the White House, will help connect women entrepreneurs to critical training, mentoring, business development, and financing opportunities.

CAMEO member West Center was present at the White House for the announcement – as were may others of our WBC friends.

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