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Support Small Biz Lending Protections; RFP for Digital Literacy and Fluency

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Support UDAAP Protections

The California Department of Financial Protection’s (DFPI) released an updated, proposed UDAAP rule that adopts some of our recommendations:

  1. DFPI is proceeding with the proposed protections against “unfair, deceptive, and abusive acts or practices.”
  2. Data on the pricing of small business financing will be collected in the form of APR, not dollar cost, in recognition that APR, unlike dollar cost, enables comparison of the cost of financing over time. 

Please join us to protect small businesses from deceptive lending practices by signing on to our letter that recommends some changes. Your signatures are needed by August 1, 2022

RFP for Digital Literacy and Fluency

CAMEO is looking for a Digital Literacy and Fluency expert to curate curriculum and resources!

We know that digital skills and expertise are critical to business success. Help us sort through the number of resources out there to develop a curated set of training material that nonprofit business service providers can use with their diverse population of clients.

Send proposals by next Friday, July 29, 2022 to Liza Rivera.

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