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Policy Agenda for COVID-19 Recovery: Taking the Long View

With more than 350 fires raging in many parts of the state, we know that at least some of you will be affected. Please stay safe and let us know that you are okay.

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Policy Agenda for COVID-19 Recovery

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The country’s small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and devastation and that the pain has not been equal across the board, hurting many communities more than others.

We need to recognize that inequality is rife in our system and that system has produced the current reality and needs fundamental structural change. CAMEO will work toward a path that promulgates equity, and not systematically perpetuate an unequal society. 

Simultaneously, we recognize that policy decisions are being made in the here and now and we must respond appropriately, especially given the economic hardships produced by COVID-19. 

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Last year, we migrated our website to to reflect our commitment to bring all our members to the table to address the most pressing issues facing small business owners. In continuation of that effort, we are happy to announce our new social media handles:

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Webinar: Reopening Best Practices

CAMEO and Public Counsel invite you to join “Reopening Best Practices for California Nonprofit and Small Business Employers,” hosted by Boston Private Community Investment, on August 26, 2020 at 11:00am PDT.

Attorney Melinda Riechert will discuss how nonprofit leaders and small business owners can get their workforces back to work safely.

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